Look at this site if you want to be moved to apply faith to your purpose and life!!!

Climbing one step at a time.

Defined Purpose

Applied Faith


Corey J Henderson, DrPH, MPA

Motivated and Motivated Speaker

I have been blessed to grow from experiences that could have shaken my desire for greatness. Goal setting, believing, and faith have brought me through. I show you how it's done.

Learning from the Past

Everyone will go through challenges and face many obstacles, but how you respond will determine if you grow, shrink, or stay the same. Each challenge is an opportunity knocking at your door.

So Much More

Inviting me to your organization is an opportunity to meet an informed, intelligent, innovative, interesting, and engaging Black man with experiences that go far beyond the limitations of race and equality.

I specialize in communications that helps you see the big picture from concept to public announcement. 

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