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Overcoming Historical Trauma

Dr. Henderson has researched the effects of historical trauma on the health of African Americans. We can start healing now by addressing three things: 

1. Family Secrets

2. Lost Connections

3. Learning (and teaching) to make do

What is historical trauma?

Believe in Yourself

The stress of life can get the best of you, if you let it. Dr. Henderson gives a riveting speech on the power of self love and self approval. Yes, people will follow when lead, but the key is to get them to lead when you aren't there. 

Who is Dr. Henderson?
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From interviews and focus groups to journey maps and user designs, we work with you to help you plan, design, test, and implement what your customers need.


Corey J. Henderson, DrPH, MPA
Morgan State University 
Doctor of Public Health Class of 2017

Family Love

I was often teased and felt alone. So, I learned to make people laugh to avoid them teasing me. I also gained a desire to fight for people that had been beat down.

"You Will Never Be Anything"

When my teacher said this to me it became game on. My father showed me that everything is possible with determination and education.

SAT in the 6th Grade

Struggled in Third Grade. Gifted and talented in Fourth and Fifth Grade. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in the Sixth Grade and acceptance to the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth for Math. I learned to nurture my intellect with hard work. There is no room for excuses.

A Hard Head Makes A Soft...

I thought I knew it all. I am intelligent. I could use my smarts to do whatever I wanted. I didn't need to listen to my parents, so I ran away and learned that correction was a part of love. The world corrected me and taught me that "obedience is greater than sacrifice."

Unconditional Love

Bernice C. Henderson & Marlow A. Henderson Jr. pushed me to greatness and when I fell they stood over me with their hands out to pull me up. My parents loved me, corrected me, forgave me, taught me, and stood by me.

Corey J. Henderson, DrPH, MPA

Against all odds, I completed my doctorate and started a consulting business--CJHDrPH Inc.