About CJH DrPH

Corey J Henderson, DrPH, MPA

Dr. Corey Henderson specializes in the influence of Historical Trauma on the Health of all past, present, and future generations.

He seeks to empower the people to use their history of collective resilience, spiritual strength, and self-empowerment to overcome despair. 

Dr. Henderson's education includes: 

  • University of Baltimore
    • Bachelor of Science in Applied Information Technology
    • Master of Public Administration in Health Policy & Administration 
  • Morgan State University
    • Doctor of Public Health 

Dr. Henderson’s many awards and accolades include the “Graduate Access Award” from the Morgan State University School of Community Health and Policy for his public health work and community leadership in the Baltimore City and Washington D.C. Metro urban communities. 

Current Work


Speaking and training all races and ethnicities on the influence of historical trauma - how to identify it and begin to heal

Developing an Ecumenical Consortium of Men To Take Back Their Homes and Communities Starting with Growing Self

Flint Michigan Data Safety and Monitoring Board

Publication - Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action