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what's breaking in and around you?

Why do we need to deal with trauma collectively?

The Data Shows That Unresolved Trauma Is Destroying Our Communities

Segregation/Forced Displacement

Education Resources to Combat the Brain Drain

Integration was a process from segregation and in many instances integration was not realized. In turn, the allure of integration creates a period of quasi-integration that is still present today. From home ownership to education, communities are experiencing trauma from the “brain drain” that took resources and opportunity with it.  

Physical and Psychological Abuse

Community Compassion Training Program

  In this course, participants will learn about the history of African Americans in Baltimore City from the mid 1800s to integration, policies that influenced that history, trauma research, and behavioral change theories. In the last session, participants will partake in open discussion between police officers and community members to approach an understanding of the opportunities and challenges on both sides of the discussion.  

Facilitated Discussions that Confront the Trauma

To heal from wounds we must first acknowledge that they exist. People need a safe place to deal with the internal stress, anger, and micro-aggressions from society whether intra or interracial.

Reverse Economic Loss

Business Consulting

To succeed in business you need a clear plan for execution and re-evaluation. We help businesses with all levels of business development and communication strategies. 

Not for Profit

We can help with all stages of not for profit (including religious institutions) development - grant writing, grant editing, logic models, driver diagrams, strategic planning, etc. 

Community Leadership

Communities are more than the homes and people that live in them. Planning your goals, engagement strategy, and execution require resources that include research, public health, and innovation. 

Culture based solutions

Redline Map of Baltimore labeled communities 1930s-1960s; Most Black areas Red=dangerous/hazardous

What is Your Organizations Culture?

When you have shared behaviors, attitudes, values, and beliefs then you have culture. There are cultures within cultures. 

CJHDrPH will work with your organization/business to define culture, train staff on cultural competency, and help leaders understand  the benefits of diversity and develop diversity policies.The culture within the federal government to promote segregation and racism was a culture that promoted White supremacy. As a result, communities of color have experienced difficulties in establishing strength in community culture from force displacement, physical and psychological violence, and economic loss.

Now all communities have been fragmented and the HUMAN RACE is further divided from a collective voice to combat mindsets of have and have nots.