Freedom from this Long Term Abusive Relationship

Connect the Past to the Future

Overwhelmed! Frustrated! Exhausted! 

You are doing everything you can to inspire people to be the best they have been purposed to be. They just don't connect perseverance and resilience.  

Historical Trauma is Real

Trauma over many generations has resulted in:

family secrets, continual movement to find employment, serial forced displacement, missed connections, lost linkages, weakened family structures, fractured communities, inability to establish strong community culture and norms, and quasi integration.

Exposure Heals Wounds

We have had enough secrecy. We have been taught to carry our pain and we teach our children the same. This is why Historical Trauma is Reverberating. It just never stops until we face it head on. 

In a moderated environment we discuss topics that have been gleaned through my research with different generations of African American men and women.

Call me to teach and moderate the "Historical Trauma" learning session that starts the healing process.

Learn About Historical Trauma

 Take A Look at the Documents Below to Learn About Historical Trauma's Effects on African Americans