All Things Start With Communication

What Are You Communicating to Your Stakeholders?

From the moment we are born we are communicating. We cry when we are in pain or unhappy. We laugh when we want to express joy.

Now, you are a leader and communication has lost its importance. You are in need of a plan to say what you mean and mean what you say.

To accomplish this, you need someone with proven experience leading to results. Your success is the only option.

The CJHDrPH Strategy finds solutions to your challenges. 

We offer:

  1. Communications Strategies
  2. Writing and Editing Internal/External Text
  3. Sales Training
  4. Coaching and Leadership Training
  5. Motivational Speaking


Corey J Henderson, DrPH, MPA is a communications consultant and accomplished leader that has proven success in Agile Environments, Fortune 100 Companies, and executive roles.